ANCCATPO The Antipolo City Culture, Arts and Tourism Promotion Office is mandated to initiate and sustain the development of culture, arts, and tourism of Antipolo City. It formulates the city’s tourism development plans and policies and recommends tourism policies, plans, and programs. It is the duty of AnCCATPO to design the city’s comprehensive Tourism Master Plan, including the generation and mobilization of resources for its implementation.

Fire Department

Antipolo City Fire Station boldly continues the efficient delivery of public service for safety and well being of the general public in the City of Antipolo. Pursuant to the P.D. 9514 otherwise known as Fire Code of the Philippines 2008 and its Implementing Rules & Regulations, this office carry its mission through relentless efforts in the implementation of plans, programs, & activities in line with the fire prevention and suppression.

The Scholarship Office is under the Office of the City Mayor which is the technical arm of the city government in the delivery of support services to education. It is created under City Ordinance No. 2013-532 “An Ordinance Establishing the Antipolo City Scholarship Program, defining its framework of Management and Implementation”. This program office in collaboration with the Department of Education (DepEd)-Antipolo envisions the students of the city to graduate and become professionals in their chosen field of endeavor.

Antipolo Community Hospital

Antipolo Community Hospital (ACH) is concerned with the delivery of basic and affordable health services to our poor and indigent constituents of the city. With the undying efforts of the City Government and through the diligent personnel of ACH, we were able to provide these services which include the Non-medical or Administrative Service (Records, Patient Transport Service); Medical or Clinical Service (General Medicine, General Pediatrics, General Obstetrics and Non-Surgical Gynecology, Minor Surgery, Emergency and Outpatient Service); and Nursing, Dental and Ancillary Service (Clinical Laboratory, Radiology, and Pharmacy).

Antipolo District Hospital

Antipolo District Hospital is a primary hospital, committed to serve the public in pursuit of high quality health services through administration of first contact emergency care and hospitalization of simple cases. It was created by virtue of House Bill No. 22901. It has five divisions Administrative Department, Medical Department, Ancillary Department, and Nursing Department.

antipoThe Antipolo Trade and Investment Promotion Office is the implementing arm of the Antipolo Investment and Incentives Code. ANTIPO undertakes programs and projects to attract prospective investors, participates in joint commercial and trade activities, and administers the research, training and productivity center for product development, upgrades manpower skills and acquires advance information technology on market knowledge and industrial skills.

BJMPThe BJMP as one of the five pillars of criminal system aims to enhance the public safety by providing humane safekeeping and development of inmates in the City of Antipolo. In line with its vision, the Bureau provides major four areas of rehabilitation program to its inmates: Livelihood Projects, Educational & Vocational Training, Recreation and Sports, and Religious/ Spiritual Activities. Further, BJMP as a gender responsive agency has separated wards for Female & Male Inmates supported with a tough security measures for the control of inmates. Humane action to the inmates helps them realize to reform their well being to become law-abiding and productive citizens

BPLO LogoThe Business Permit and Licensing Office is committed to maximize collection of business taxes, fees and other charges through proper and accurate assessment. The BPLO constantly introduces reforms and strives to develop strategies and innovations to improve business registration procedures which can be translated to increased revenue for the City and more employment opportunities for the people of Antipolo.


The Office of the City Administrator envisions a dynamic and innovative local government administration.

As provided for in Section 480 (b) (1-5) of the Local Government Code of 1991, the Office of the City Administrator has the following mandates and responsibilities:

The City Agriculture Office provides agricultural programs and projects for the benefit of farmers and other stakeholders in the city, with the end in view of helping them achieve an improved quality of life.

City Budget OfficeThe City Budget Office (CBO) of Antipolo performs its mandates embodied under Sec. 475, Article Five of the 1991 Local Government Code. In a nutshell, the CBO assists the City Government of Antipolo in achieving sound long-term financial sustainability to better serve our constituents in the most effective, efficient and fiscally responsible manner. The City Budget Office is tasked in the overall programming and management of the budgetary provisions of the City Government of Antipolo.

The City Cooperative and Livelihood Office contributes to the City’s human development efforts through the cooperative movement and the creation of employment and business opportunities through livelihood training programs aimed at improving the quality of life by reducing poverty incidence and the promotion of self-reliance among the City’s constituents.

The Local Government of Antipolo City in adhering to the mandates of RA 10121 otherwise known as "Philippine Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Act of 2010" created and established the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) by virtue of City Ordinance No. 2011-444, which was adopted on March 28, 2011.

CEEO LogoThe City Economic Enterprise Office implements and executes the plans and policies of the City Mayor in the operation of all city-owned economic enterprises which include the public markets, parks and plaza, cemetery and terminal. CEEO develops and implements clear economic policies for the generation of revenues from economic enterprises to augment the income of the City Government as well as to accommodate increasing number of local investors.

CEWMO LogoThe City Environment and Waste Management Office is generally tasked to develop plans and programs on the environment and natural resources as well as strictly implement and enforce environmental laws, ordinances, and rules and regulations, including those related to solid waste management. Its mandates include among others the promotion of environmental protection, mitigating adaptations on climate change, and the promotion of the virtue of self-regulation to the people of Antipolo City in the use of its natural resources.

City Health Office

The City Health Office, with the collaborative efforts of the inter-sectorial society, is directed towards promoting health, preventing diseases, prolonging life and improving the quality of life. Public Health, as the foundation of the entire basic health services, is effectively delivered by combining health information, competent skills and employment of D.O.H. approved programs in which is intended for the maintenance and improvement of health of the population in general.

Human Resource Management Office

The City Human Resource Management Office (CHRMO) upholds to deliver quality public service by providing trainings and developmental interventions and securing the needs of employees from employment to retirement. Personnel Mechanisms play a significant role to create and implement programs, projects and activities of the City Government for its human assets.
CHRMO conducts other services intended to help the employees as well as the city towards growth and development.

LegalThe City Legal Office is mandated to promote and protect the interest of the City Government in legal proceedings and matters requiring the services of a lawyer. It renders legal support to the City Mayor in carrying out the basic services including giving legal advice or assistance to constituents. It also represents the City Government and its officials in all civil actions and proceedings before a competent court of law. When required, it also drafts ordinances, contracts and other instruments for the consideration of the Sangguniang Panlungsod and render legal opinions on any questions of law. Finally, it conducts administrative investigations involving erring city officials and employees.

City Library

The ACL was created as per City Ordinance No. 2011-452 “An ordinance authorizing the formation, establishment and construction of the new Antipolo City Library…”.  Its mission is to promote literacy, disseminate information and provide access to cultural information to the citizens of Antipolo adjusting to the needs of the present time.

CPDO LogoThe City Planning and Development Office plays a significant role in the practice of spatial and development planning which are crucial in guiding the development of the City. With the increasing concerns on the effects of uncontrolled urbanization and climate change, the CPDO continues to formulate plans that would address pressing issues such as sustainable development, environmental protection and social equity. Since development planning is concerned with the five sectors of society, the CPDO employed professionals from various disciplines to enable the office to respond to multidisciplinary tasks.


Procurement LogoCity Procurement office adheres to the provisions provided by R.A. 9184, an act providing for the modernization, standardization and regulation of the procurement activities of the government and for other purposes, this Act shall apply to the Procurement of Infrastructure Projects, Goods, and Consulting Services and is governed by its principles.

The City Social Welfare and Development Office is mandated to alleviate poverty, empower the poor, the vulnerable and marginalized, the disadvantaged families, communities, and individuals for an improved quality of life. Also, CWSDO is tasked to formulate measures for the approval of sanggunian and provide technical assistance to the mayor and develop plans and strategies relative to poverty reduction.

CVO LogoThe City Veterinary Office develops plans and strategies and implements programs, projects, and activities relative to the veterinary services of the City. CVO advices the City Mayor on all matters pertaining to the slaughter of animals for human consumption and the regulation of slaughter-houses; regulates the keeping of domestic animals; regulates and inspects poultry, meat and meat products, milk, and dairy products for public consumption; enforce all laws and regulations for the prevention of cruelty to animals and take necessary measures to eradicate, prevent or cure all forms of animal diseases.

In support to the attainment of the development goal of the City as “Numero Uno Antipolo”, the City Youth and Sports Coordinating Office envisions a progressive program for the holistic development of the youth of Antipolo; a strong, intensified, and unified “Sports-For-All Program” which will enhance the talent of athletes; instill sportsmanship; and attain high level recognition and prestige through excellence sports.

GSO LogoVision: 

Isang luntian at malinis na lungsod na nakahanay sa mga nangungunang bayan sa ating bansa. Nakikipagkumpitensya pagdating sa kaayusan at kalinisan, nakapaghihikayat pa ng maraming bagong mangangalakal, negosyante at mga turista, at kaisa ng ating Pamahalang Lungsod sa pangangalaga ng kapakanang pangkalusugan ng lahat ng mga Antipoleño pagdating sa kalinisan ng ating kapaligiran.

Department of Education

The pursuit of excellence in education continues in adherence to the DepEd Mission “To protect and promote the right of every Filipino to quality, equitable, culture-based, and complete basic education…” and realize the desired outcomes expected from all our graduates.

GSO LogoThe General Services Office (GSO), as an essential arm of the Office of the City Mayor, provides assistance and support in carrying out measures that shall ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities, in particular those which have to do with general services supportive to the welfare of the citizens of Antipolo City which the City Mayor is empowered to implement.

Lungsod Silangan Task Force

Lungsod Silangan Task Force was created pursuant to PROCLAMATION No. 1283 issued on June 21, 1974 by then President Ferdinand Marcos, established the Lungsod Silangan Townsite Reservation comprising an area of 20,312 hectares covering portions of Municipalities (now City) of Antipolo, San Mateo and Montalban (now Rodriguez) Rizal. It is supported by the Local Executive Order No. 20 entitled CREATING THE LUNGSOD SILANGAN LOCAL INTER-AGENCY COMMITTEE – (LSLIAC) issued on May 20, 2014. Hereunder are other related legal bases in the creation of LSTF: Proclamation No. 1637 - issued on April 17, 1977; and Executive Order No.698 dated January 18, 2008;

The Office of Public Safety and Security (OPSS) was named through City Ordinance No. 2013-529. It envisions an institution of excellence in rendering safety and security to the City of Antipolo. OPSS is committed to be a reliable, competent and well-equipped office manned by best-qualified and highly motivated personnel to maintain peace, order and security in the City of Antipolo.

Office of the City Accountant

The City Accounting Office acquired its personality with the enactment of Republic Act No. 8508, as amended by Republic Act No. 9232, an Act Converting the Municipality of Antipolo into a Component City to Be Known as the City of Antipolo which took effect on February 18, 1998. Principally, it is mandated to take charge on Accounting and Financial Audit Services.

Office of the City AssessorThe Office of the City Assessor is the sole authority under the Local Government Code of 1991 (Secs. 472 [b] and 473 [b], R.A. 7160) in the appraisal of real property for taxation purposes. The appraisal arm of the local government unit whereupon the revenue base is expected to be generated, records are compiled and evaluated, and efforts are finally converted to public service.

City Engineer's Office LogoThe Office of the City Engineer is responsible for the all infrastructures, public works, and other engineering matters in the City Government of Antipolo. Further, as stated in the LGC 1991 the City Engineer also act as the Local Building Official.

Office of the City Treasurer

The Office of the City Treasurer provides technical support and adequate system of tax collection for all kinds of taxes, fees and charges and other receipts. It also provides efficient maintenance, proper supervision and effective management and control of all city government funds in accordance with law, rules and regulations of local government finance in order to provide excellent service to the paying public.

The City Civil Registrar is responsible for the processing and registration of vital events and other documents affecting the civil status of persons in their area of jurisdiction. Hence, it is clearly stated in our mission and vision that we are mandated to process, record, file and safe keep vital registrations like birth certificates, death certificates, marriage contracts, court decisions and other relative civil registry documents. These duties and responsibilities are in consonance to Republic Acts (RA): 9048, 9255, 9858, & 10172.

PNP LogoPNP is the lead government unit that maintains peace and order through law enforcement, crime prevention and investigation, and supervision and control of security agencies.




PESOThe Public Employment Service Office carries out plans and programs designed to achieve full employment and equality of employment opportunities for all in pursuance of Republic Act No. 8759 otherwise known as the PESO Act of 1999. PESO is tasked to strengthen and expand the existing employment facilitation service machinery of the government at the local level.

Public Information Office

VISION - A fully effective and technically-able public information team that will provide efficient information dissemination of all the basic programs and projects of the City Government.
MISSION - We, at the Antipolo Public Information Office, advocate to develop strong partnerships with the different departments and offices of the City Government for strategic communication and effective information dissemination of the frontline services intended for the constituents of the City of Antipolo.

Created by virtue of City Ordinance No. 2005-219, PTRB serves as the implementing agency that regulates Public Utility Vehicles in the City of Antipolo.

Urban Settlement & Dev’t Office (USDO) envisions to develop effective partnership with different Government and Non-Government Organizations, in making available to marginalized and homeless citizens decent housing at affordable cost with basic services and employment opportunities.