Antipolo Community Hospital

Antipolo Community Hospital (ACH) is concerned with the delivery of basic and affordable health services to our poor and indigent constituents of the city. With the undying efforts of the City Government and through the diligent personnel of ACH, we were able to provide these services which include the Non-medical or Administrative Service (Records, Patient Transport Service); Medical or Clinical Service (General Medicine, General Pediatrics, General Obstetrics and Non-Surgical Gynecology, Minor Surgery, Emergency and Outpatient Service); and Nursing, Dental and Ancillary Service (Clinical Laboratory, Radiology, and Pharmacy).


To provide a progressive, professional, ethical, quality health care; by making services available and affordable; and by arousing community health awareness. To achieve such mandate in dedication to the concept of the best patient care: To cure and to relieve often and to comfort always.
To upgrade to a secondary health care delivery system for the constituents of the City of Antipolo.