In support to the attainment of the development goal of the City as “Numero Uno Antipolo”, the City Youth and Sports Coordinating Office envisions a progressive program for the holistic development of the youth of Antipolo; a strong, intensified, and unified “Sports-For-All Program” which will enhance the talent of athletes; instill sportsmanship; and attain high level recognition and prestige through excellence sports.

To attain this goal, hereunder are its basic responsibilities:

  • Policy-making and coordinating body of all youth enhancement and amateur sports development programs in the city;
  • City’s representative in establishing a sustainably-developed youth and professional level sports programs anchored on flagship youth and sports development initiatives supported by local and national youth and sports programs;
  • Sustained programs and projects towards youth advancement and excellence in sports performances by Antipolo City constituents; &
  • Act as the role model of advanced infusion of good moral and right conduct.