An ordinance setting guidelines on the proper use of the Antipolo Sports Arena and its corresponding facilities.

An ordinance authorizing the holding of the search for the cleanest and greenest Barangay in Antipolo, Rizal, appropriating funds therefore and for other purposes.

Oridnance regulating all sports activities in this municipality whether private or government.

An ordinance imposing parking fees to all PUJ (Public Utility Jeeps) entering Hinulugangt Taktak for the purpose of transporting passengers from Poblacion to Hinulugang Taktak and vice versa.

An ordinance requiring all municipal government vehicles be surrendered and parked at the municipal compound after office hours and the keys must be deposited to the guard on duty.

An ordinance fixing the payment of power consumption and regulating the use of electricity at the new public market of Antipolo, Rizal.

An ordinance amending Section 3 of Ordinance NO. 88-89 dated September 5,1989.

An Anti-Squatting within the Municipality of Antipolo.