An Ordinance Approving the Supplemental Budget No. 02 for the Calendar Year 2013 in the Amount of Two Hundred Ninety Two Million Two Hundred Seventy Two Thousand Pesos (Php.292,272,000.00)

An Ordinance Approving the Supplemental Budget No. 01 for the Calendar year 2013 in the amount of Five Million Two Hundred Seventeen Thousand Five Hundred Pesos (P5,217,500.00)

An ordinance requiring the owners, administrators, property managers, lessees, occupants, operators and concessionaries of all commercial/business buildings, structures and establishments required to obtain business and/or building permits located in the City Of Antipolo to secure public liability insurance (PLI) and providing penalties for the violation thereof.

An ordinance authorizing the City Mayor to lease to private parties the stalls at the Antipolo Pasalubong Center, prescribing the rate of rentals therefor, and for other purposes.

An ordinance amending City Ordinance No. 2005-215 entitled "An ordinance Creating the City Culture, Arts and Tourism Promotions Office (CCATPO) under the office of the Mayor defining its functions, duties and responsibilities, and appropriating the necessary funds therefor". 

An ordinance authorizing the public order and safety Department (POSD) to use Ordinance Violation Receipt (OVR) In the implementation of the traffic code and other traffic-related ordinances of Antipolo City.

An ordinance establishing and creating the City tricycle franchising and regulatory board defining its composition, powers, duties, functions, and responsibilities, and for other purposes.

An ordinance requiring drivers and backriders of motorized bicycle to the wear crash helmets within the territorial jurisdiction of the City of Antipolo.