A resolution authorizing the release of the amount of Twenty Thousand Pesos (P20,000.00) as consultation fee for the professional services of Prof. Lucio San Pedro for the review and indorsement of the “ANTIPOLO MARCH” as the official hymn and march of Antipolo City, such amount to be taken from any available source.

A resolution strongly nominating and endorsing Mr. Yokio Edogawa as technical advisor from Tokyo, Japan to facilitate the granting of foreign financial assistance to the City Of Government of Antipolo, for the following public works, infrastructure and other projects: A.) Housing Projects B.) Hospital and Rehabilitation Centers C.) School Buildings D.) Agriculture plans, programs and projects E.) Livelihood projects.

A resolution strongly commending and giving due recognition to the different government organizations, local government units, non-government organizations and other agencies for responding to the call of assistance for the victim of the Cherry Hills tragedy.

A resolution granting an increase in the financial assistance for pauper’s burial from Three Hundred Pesos (P300.00) to Five Hundred Pesos (P500.00), amending for the purpose Resolution No. 10-97, “A resolution increasing the present amount of P100.00 to P200.00 contribution to indigent families under individual crisis situation and an increase of pauper’s burial from p200.00 to p300.00, appropriating the necessary funds therefor, such amount to be taken from any available source and for other purposes.

A resolution earnestly requesting his excellency Joseph Ejercito Estrada, President of the Republic of the Philippines, thru the executive secretary, Honorable Ronaldo Zamora and Honorable Victor R. Sumulong, representative of the lone District of Antipolo City, to grant financial assistance to the City Government of Antipolo, in the amount of Thirty Five Million Pesos (P35,000,000.00) for the provision of infrastructure and other facilities, such amount to be taken from the local Government equalization fund.

A resolution earnestly requesting the department of Environment and Natural Resources thru cenro, Region-IV Antipolo City to conduct an inquiry or investigation regarding the issuance of a survey plan for tax purposes in favor of Ms. Flora D. Catabona and for other purposes.

A resolution earnestly requesting the city assessor to determine the propriety of issuing a tax declaration certificate for taxation purposes in favor of Ms. Flora D. Catabona over a parcel of land measuring one and a half hectares (1.5 has) situated within the Lungsod Silangan townsite reservation area, sitio sto. Nino, Barangay Mayamot, Antipolo City and for other purposes.

Resolution authorizing the City Mayor, Hon. Angelito C. Gatlabayan, to engage and commission the services of Prof. Lucio D. San Pedro, for the purpose of reviewing, polishing, and preparing the official lyrics and melody of the ‘MARTSA ANTIPOLO” and for other purposes.