General Mechanics

1. Numero Uno Antipolo Sa Talento is a singing and dance competition open to all residents of Antipolo.

2. There will be three categories: 
Category Age Group
Singing Competition - Kids 7 – 14 years old
Singing Competition – Adult 15 – 35 years old
Dance Competition No age limit

3. There will be three (3) elimination rounds with the top two (2) kid singers, top two (2) adult singers and top four (4) dance groups advancing to the Grand Finals.

Schedule of Elimination Rounds

1st Elimination Round – November 7, 2018 Robinsons Place Antipolo
2nd Elimination Round – November 16, 2018 SM Cherry Antipolo
3rd Elimination Round – November 23, 2018 Vista Mall Antipolo

4. The competition is exclusive to Antipolo residents only. A document establishing proof of Antipolo residency shall be requested to the applicants during screening.

5. Professional singers and dancers are not allowed to join the competition. Also, those who have existing television and/or recording contracts are ineligible to join.

6. No contestant/dance group shall be allowed to compete in multiple elimination rounds.

7. As this is the All Stars edition, the champions of previous editions (2014, 2015 and 2016) ARE ALLOWED TO JOIN the competition however the Champions of 2017 edition are BARRED from joining. All previous champions joining still has to pass the screening and elimination round of the contest. The organizing committee reserves the right to reject or deny applications deemed ineligible and may cause conflict of interest to the competition.

8. The decision of the organizers and Board of Judges is final and not subject to appeal.

Singing Contest Mechanics

1. The singing competition is limited to solo performances only.

2. Each contestant may use the accompaniment of a minus one CD or any musical instrument. The contestant shall provide a CD or USB flash drive containing their contest piece.

3. Each song number must be at least 3 minutes and not exceeding 4 minutes.

4. Songs with lyrics that contain profane, insulting, vulgar and racist words are prohibited in the competition.

Dance Contest Mechanics

1. Each group must have a minimum of 5 members and a maximum of 15 members.
2. A theme shall be announced to all dance groups prior to the start of the elimination round and all participants will be required to adhere to such theme.
3. The use of pyrotechnics, smoke and other flammable materials are strictly prohibited. Other props such as confetti, powder, gels, liquids and paint are strictly not allowed during the performance. A deduction of one (1) point shall be awarded for every violation.
4. No profanity, nudity or sexual movements are allowed.
5. The routines shall not be composed of any illegal and/or dangerous stunts.
6. Each routine must be at least 3 minutes long and not exceeding 4 minutes. A deduction of 2 points shall be deducted for every exceeding minute from the allotted time.

Criteria for Judging for Singers
Galing Numero Uno sa Talento 50% 
Tone and voice quality, musical rendition, star appeal

Delivery and Execution 30% 
Timing, style, voice projection, intonation

Overall Impact 20% Stage presence, audience impact

Total 100%

Criteria for Judging for Dancers
Galing Numero Uno sa Talento 30% Creativity, style, originality, adherence to the theme, star appeal

Talentong SWAK sa Theme 20% 
Adherence to the theme

Delivery and Execution 30% 
Timing, coordination, projection and expression

Overall Impact 20%
Costume and props, audience impact

Total 100%


Singing Contest - Kids Category
Champion - 10,000
1st Runner-up - 7,000
2nd Runner-up - 5,000

Singing Contest - Adult Category
Champion - 10,000
1st Runner-up - 7,000
2nd Runner-up - 5,000

Dance Contest
Champion - 20,000
1st Runner-up - 15,000
2nd Runner-up - 10,000

All non-winning grand finalists will receive consolation prizes.